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Blog | 4 must-try ideas for moms

4 must-try ideas for moms

March 17 2022 By Flip File

Working moms, stay at home moms, work-from-home moms, new matter what they do, at any given point in the day moms have tons on their minds. Juggling the demands of family, home and work can be exhausting, but with a little planning, it can be much more manageable - and even fun!

Take a look at our top mom hacks to make organising the family a breeze:

Meal planning made easy

One of the toughest decisions moms have to make every day, is what to make for dinner. Collect all your family's favourite recipes and store them in a Flip File for easy access. If your kids love lunchbox treats, store those recipes here too. Organise the pockets according to weekday, weekend and lunchbox recipes using Flip Tabs self-adhesive index tabs.

Fun photobooks for special memories

These days, we're more likely to have family photo albums on our phones than in our homes. But everybody loves looking at physical photos, and using a Flip File is a great way to record those memories each year while keeping them safe (no more sticky plastic sheets plus you can keep any size photo). Use scrapbooking paper to add an element of fun, print out your photos and stick them on the sheet, adding important details in a caption to help you remember the occasion later.

Big, beautiful brag books

Whether your children excel at sports, academics or in the arts, or are simply very involved in their primary or high schools, Flip Files offer a fantastic way to keep track of their achievements. Safely store certificates; awards; school reports; newspaper clippings; event programmes; and class, match or performance photos in a single file to preserve these highlights of their school years.

Instant organiser for kids' schedules

We tend to keep our kids' schedules on our mobile devices these days, but when loadshedding gets the better of us and our phones die, hard copy schedules are a lifesaver. Keep all your kids' school, sport and extra-mural calendars in a Flip File for easy reference, and use our Flip Tabs index stickers to separate them into the days of the week and to differentiate between each child's schedules.

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